Importance Of Self Preservation

When it comes to children, parents have the tendency naturally to be protective and keep them from away from harm and danger. The reality not being the case, our ability to trust that they would be able to take care of themselves has to be supported through various teachings and trainings on life. Taking care of oneself is not limited to adults with the ability to do so consider a required life skill considering the issues complicating society of modern times.The ability to take care of oneself is highlighted in the practise of martial arts classes in Hornsby. The process of learning the art is known to instil valuable self preservation skills and defensive manoeuvres for unforeseen situations. The ability to be aware of surroundings and the confidence of being able to walk away from a complicated situation are useful skills that are generally the outcome of years of practise among the usual scenario of defending oneself successfully.

Why is it important?

With multiple benefits being documented, the ability to protect oneself from a threat can be considered as the best reason to either learn or enrol a child to a workshop or school.

Exercise – With physical activity recommended for children between the ages of 6 – 17 for approximately an hour a day, trainings at a kids self defence class can ensure a high level workout in burning the stored energy. With ability to increase health and wellness, regular class participation is required for an effective learning process. The process systematically leads to building muscle and strength with development of better hand – eye coordination whilst improving balance and agility.

Awareness – With the integral part connected to the art being the proactive stance towards danger, recognition and avoidance is taught. Through the path of awareness, defensive stances and manoeuvres are demonstrated to be learnt for use in the real world. Within the awareness spectrum of teachings, spatial concepts are also an area of development focused enabling responding to danger in immediate manner.

Confidence & Responsibility – With up to 1/3 of a student population in most schools lacking confidence in general, the art provides building the level of confidence through conquering of fear and being able to transform the feeling into positive fighting energy. This in return creates the level of responsibility attached to learning the art form and being accountable for action taken at all times. The process begins from attending classes regularly on time with coaching structured to instil knowledge on acceptable ways to be responsible for individual behaviour.In conclusion, with focus on children’s personal development and the key aspect of self preservation being considered, forms of defence through various classes and specialist coaches, would not only create successful individuals but disciplined human beings the future constantly requires.